About us

The European Criminal Law Center Association was established on 23 May 1997 in Catania. Its aim is to analyze and discuss the impact of the European integration process on Member States’ criminal law and the progressive development of a European Union criminal law. In order to do so, the Association promotes research activities, the sharing of professional experience and public debate. The European Criminal Law Center intends to raise awareness among legal practitioners and economic actors about the need to ensure adequate protection to EU interests. In this regard, the Association provides information and updates on the field through its own publications and activities. Moreover, it actively contributes to scientific and cultural activities launched and/or supported by the European Commission. In addition, it wishes to further the knowledge of European and international mechanisms for the protection of fundamental rights. In particular, a special consideration is devoted to the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, with a view to encourage its use by practitioners.

The European Criminal Law Center includes among its members scholars, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, officials and university students.

The European Criminal Law Center is also part of the European Lawyers Associations for the Protection of the Financial Interests of the EU network, comprised of 32 European lawyers’ Associations representing all EU Member States (except Cyprus) together with San Marino, Switzerland and Turkey. This network, working closely with the European Anti-Fraud Office (Olaf), intends to establish and consolidate itself as a forum able to foster the exchange of knowledge and experience among European practitioners. Its ultimate goal is to improve cooperation among Member States and stimulate the debate about European integration in criminal matters, in particular through specialized publications, conferences, training activities. Comparative studies and research are promoted both at the national level, by each national association, and at the European level, thanks to the partnership between several association.

The European Criminal Law Center organizes training and updating initiatives at regional and national level, in collaboration with local Bar Councils, in particular with the Bar Council of Catania and its Legal Training Center.

The European Criminal Law Center collaborates closely with the Law Department of the University of Catania. In doing so, they promote initiatives aimed at raising awareness about the European integration process issues among students and young scholars.