Project details

The project RE-launching the Centro as a leading cultural association to foster education and legal training in European Criminal Law developed within the Erasmus programme + – Jean Monnet Activities Support to AssociationsEACEA – Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency was coordinated by the Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo of Catania and it had a strong and active cooperation with the University of Catania and the Catania Bar Association in the development of a set of activities organised with the support granted to the Centro.

The scientific activities of the project were coordinated by prof. Giovanni Grasso (President of the Centro – Full Professor of Criminal Law) and prof. Rosaria Sicurella (Vice-President of the Centro – Full Professor of Criminal Law), in cooperation with prof. Anna Maria Maugeri (Full Professor of Criminal Law), prof. Grazia Maria Vagliasindi (Associate Professor of Criminal Law), and dr. Valeria Scalia (Secretary of the Centro – Assistant Professor of Criminal Law), all members of the Criminal Law chairs at the Law Department of the University of Catania. Dr. Floriana Bianco (Treasurer of the Centro) and Dr. Salvatore Gulizia were involved as staff members in the management of the project. Dr. Annalisa Lucifora, dr. Vincenzo Tigano, dr. Amalia Orsina, dr. Chiara Mignemi, Dr. Dario Sciutteri and Dr. Federico La Vattiata, collaborated to the scientific and organisational activities of the project, as cooperating staff (assistant professors, PhD students, PhD graduated) of the Criminal Law chairs at the Law Department of the University of Catania and members of the Centro.

The project aimed to give the Centro a prominent role in increasing awareness and disseminating research and a high-level of scientific contributions concerning the impact of EU law on domestic criminal law and the development of a EU criminal law and criminal law policy by sharing different professional experiences.

The project activities were developed in a period of about three and half years (September 2015 – May 2019), in which three seminars and one final conference (coincident with the general Assembly of the Centro) per year were organised. During the first year seminars and conclusive conference dealt with the protection of EU financial interests through criminal law. Seminars and final conference organised in the second year focussed on the most serious forms of transnational economic and financial crime and on the intertwining of such forms of crime with the organised crime, taking into particular consideration the recent establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). The activities carried out during the third year were devoted to the multilevel protection of fundamental rights and its impact on domestic criminal law.

The scientific activities conducted within the project were characterized by a crosswise approach, showed by the participation of very renowned speakers members of the academic, lawyer, judicial and institutional professional categories, in order to give a theoretical and practical perspective of the different topics, fostering a pluralistic view and a debate on controversial issues.

The initiatives held by the Centro within the project were included in the continuous training activity of the Catania Bar Association and were also considered as student educational activities by the Law Department of the University of Catania.

In order to stimulate the participation of young scholars in a debate on the project topics and to enhance the dissemination of Centro’s activities at national and supranational level, a call for papers was launched on the Centro website by the end of each year, which dealt with the same topics of seminars and conclusive conferences.

The dissemination of the results obtained thanks to the carrying out of the activities organised within the project has been ensured by the publication of some proceedings of seminars and conferences and the papers submitted and selected by reviewers in three thematic volumes (the third one is currently being prepared), one per year of activity, included in the Series Pubblicazioni del Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo di Catania – Nuova serie.

Thanks to the support obtained by EACEA, the Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo has improved the regularity of its social activities and its website (, where all activities above mentioned are available in detail, in order to promote the dissemination of its iniatives both on a national and supranational level.