Series Presentation

Series Pubblicazioni del Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo

Editorial Board: Giovanni Grasso – Anna Maria Maugeri – Rosaria Sicurella

The Series Pubblicazioni del Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo collects monographic works and various contributions on the issues related to the European integration in criminal matters and the protection of fundamental rights at EU and international level. It aims to comply with scholars’, legal practitioners’, officials’ growing need for awareness and knowledge about the increasing impact of EU law on National criminal law and the complex theoretical and practical issues that it involves.

Established in 1997, year of foundation of the Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo, the Series currently counts a large number of books, that highlight the significant developments in the European construction, with particular attention to the implications that they have entailed in National criminal law.

The published volumes show also the profitable collaborations with important and eminent scientific networks, Universities, Italian and foreign research centers; with professional associations; and with representatives of the main European institutions.

It is worth to mention the support by the European Anti-Fraud Office of the European Commission (OLAF), through the Hercule program, to the Centro‘s activities and publications included in the Series.

The combination of the theoretical-scientific dimension with the practical one that generally characterizes the Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo’s activities clearly results in the books published in the Series.

The added value of such a transversal approach relies on the relevant interest that these volumes raise not only among scholars of criminal law, but also among legal professionals (especially judges and barristers whom many training activities organized by the Centro are addressed to).

The reflection and analysis carried out on the issues of crucial relevance for the European project, with a mostly cross-sectional and multi-disciplinary approach, have been and continue to be an important contribution to the scientific debate at national and European level, as well as a useful update and follow-up instrument for legal practitioners, in particular with regard to initiatives and projects under discussion at the institutional level, while providing a favorite channel to influence these decision processes.

Since 2016, the Series Pubblicazioni del Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo meets the requirements of the national evaluation mechanisms of the scientific research provided by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research Systems (ANVUR) and the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR), providing for a committee of auditors, appointed to select the works to be included in the Series, on the base of criteria inspired by the quality and value of the proposed works.