Centro di Diritto Penale Europeo CDPE

About Us

The Association “Centre for European Criminal Law“, founded on 23 May 1997, has the aim of analyzing and deepening – through research activity, the exchange of professional experiences in the sector and public debate – the issues inherent to impact of the European integration process on the criminal law of the Member States and the progressive development of a European Union criminal law. In this context, it aims to contribute to the work of raising awareness among jurists and economic operators regarding the need to ensure adequate protection of the Union’s interests, providing elements of information and updating, and actively participates, with its own specific contributions, to scientific and cultural activities launched and/or supported by the European Commission, in particular in the sector of the protection of the Union’s financial interests (PIF). It also aims to contribute to the knowledge of the European and International mechanisms for the protection of human rights and, in particular, of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, with the main objective of encouraging their use by operators.

The European Criminal Law Center includes academics, lawyers, judges, officials and university students among its members.

The European Criminal Law Center of Catania is part of the European Lawyers Associations network for the Protection of the Financial Interests of the EU, made up of 32 associations of European jurists, representing all EU member states (except Cyprus), as well as the Croatia, San Marino, Switzerland and Turkey. This network, which operates in contact with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) of the European Commission, intends to establish itself and consolidate itself as a forum capable of promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience between legal practitioners from the various European states. for the purpose of improving collaboration between States, as well as reflection and debate on the most topical issues concerning the process of European integration in criminal matters, in particular through specialized publications, the organization of conferences, seminars and training actions, and the promotion of studies and research of a comparative nature, conducted both at a national level, by individual associations of jurists participating in the network, and at a European level, thanks to the organization of initiatives involving the collaboration of multiple associations.

The European Criminal Law Center conducts training and updating initiatives, at regional and national level, in collaboration with the various Bar Councils present in the area, and in particular with the Council of the Catania Bar Association and with the Legal Training Study Center which pertains to this.

The Center for European Criminal Law also maintains an intense collaboration with the Department of the Legal Seminar of the University of Catania, promoting information and awareness initiatives regarding issues relating to the process of European integration of students and young scholars.